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Direct Lending

Thank you for the opportunity

• Full 30 year terms, no balloons

• Streamlined qualification process emphasizing property level  cash flow 

•  No tax returns required; No DTI calculations 

• Up to 80% LTVs

• Simple, haggle-free pricing you can depend on

• Protect your identity and other assets by borrowing in a corporate entity

Documentation Requirement

For process

  • Copy of Driver License and Passport

    • For the non-US citizen, please provide a green card.

    • Foreign nationals please provide a travel visa.


  • Provide leases

    • Provide 1 Month Rent Proof with Bank Statement, Cancel Check, or Payment App (no print screen)​


  • Please provide email address for e-Consent, Credit Authorization.


  • For two of the past five years, do you own any other investment property? Will require an questionnaire.

    • Is the subject property under management by a Property Management Company.

    • If self-manage, can you provide 24-month deposit prove with cancel check or bank statement, or Schedule E

      • Please note, it does not impact our ability to lend. There is a Loan to Value adjustment.

      • Is the subject property under management by a Property Management Company.

        • Will provide Management Questionnaire

  • For purchase, provide a purchase contract

  • For refinancing, provide the most recent bank statement

    • Will need a payoff letter at the time of closing.

  • If the property is part of the HOA association

    • Confirm the number of units sold, % of ownership

    • Require HOA by-law

    • Please provide the most recent HOA statement​

  • Most recent real estate tax statement


Then we need

  • appraisal,

  • entity document,

  • insurance,

  • 2 month bank statement to close (to show down payment, 9 month liquidity)