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10 New York City Neighborhoods with Best Rental Deals

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Any area of the internet that talks about real estate is going to inevitably talk about the price of an apartment in New York City. The world is fascinated with the cost of living in the City that Never Sleeps. When you live in another city, it’s entertaining to look at the prices and see how far your money will go, you should keep in mind that there are neighborhoods that have reasonable rental prices. For those moving to NYC or if you are just ready to spend less on rent, here are 10 New York City neighborhoods with the best rental deals.

  1. Riverdale, Bronx What you’ll find here: quiet, easy access to transportation

  2. Kew Gardens, Queens What you’ll find here: close enough to the city for convenience but still have that suburban feel, lots of shopping and dining options, safe streets

  3. Sunnyside, Queens What you’ll find here: cultural diversity, convenient for commuters with the & train that goes to midtown

  4. Bay Ridge, Brooklyn What you’ll find here: close to Coney Island, parks and pizza, public transportation right to the city

  5. Washington Heights, Manhattan What you’ll find here: diversity, close to public transportation, parks, restaurants, plenty to do 24/7

  6. Spuyten Duyvil, Bronx What you’ll find here: resembles typical suburb housing, scenic, spacious rentals

  7. Sunset Park, Brooklyn What you’ll find here: strong community feel, close to Sunset Park which is full of shopping, dining, and recreation, larger than average rentals

  8. Crown Heights, Brooklyn What you’ll find here: museums, libraries, parks, train lines to the city, tree-lined streets, larger than average rental

  9. Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn What you’ll find here: public transportation options, outdoor mall, farmer’s market, very large rentals

  10. Prospect Park South, Brooklyn What you’ll find here: Victorian style houses, a true suburb feel, spacious lawns, parks, ice rink, zoo

This list was compiled in various months of 2022 and things can change in real estate rather quickly. Finding a great deal on a rental is a thing to celebrate. If you are looking to invest in the NYC area, keep in mind affordable areas will always be in high demand. They are a hard to find and for budget savvy New Yorkers, finding a deal is critical. Watch for the up-and-coming areas with parks, dining, safe streets, and larger units as people move out of the city to enjoy more of a suburb life, even in an apartment or condo setting.

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