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Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Commercial Lending and Small Business Lending Loan We see our partnerships as key component to successfully closing deals. We’re here to help realtors and business brokers lock in clients; enable professionals such as CPA’s, attorney and consultants to promote themselves with access to variable lending resources and commercial loan products. Our loan products include the following:

  • Investment of single family to four family (must be non-owner occupant)

  • Acquisition of mixed use and apartment building, office buildings, warehouse, strip mall (owner occupant is fine)

  • Business purchase with or without real estate such as gas station, liquor store, dry cleaner, wholesaler, restaurant, hotel/motel…etc.

  • Fix and flip (with 80% LTV and 100% of the renovation) or Construction loan start at 6.5% with full doc.

For more information, or 888-269-1033

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