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Essencap Direct Lending

Essencap Funding is a direct private lender that provides secured loans in nationwide of the U.S. Our loans are made for difficult conventional lending situations, like property with no cash-flow, and tight closing time. We can react to fund quickly, possibly close in 2-3 weeks.

Our loan program includes FIX AND FLIP, RENTAL FINANCING - Buy-to-Rent, RENTAL FINANCING - Long-Term, and MULTI-FAMILY.

Interest rate starts from 4.95%

Loan term: 30 year fixed, Hybrid ARMs, and Interest only option.

Loan amount starts as low as $50,000

Purchase & Refinance: we can do max 75-80% Loan to Value

Fix & Flip loan amount can go up to 90% of the Purchase Price + 100% of the Renovation Cost; Not to Exceed 75% of the ARV.

Essencap Funding offers short-term and long-term financing options for real estate investors. Whether you are looking to fix & flip properties or hold properties for rental income, Essencap Funding has flexible options that are suited to your needs.

For more information, please visit, email to or call 917-355-1771.

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