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Partner Programs Designed to Grow Business Together


As a leading commercial mortgage firm, our mission is to foster strong, mutually beneficial relationships that enhance the growth of our partners' businesses and our own. With extensive experience, better lending practices, and the ability to offer our own company's balance sheet in certain situations, we provide a comprehensive suite of tailored solutions.

Our diverse lending capabilities span various property types, including multifamily, office, retail, industrial, and more. We pride ourselves on our flexibility, creativity, and unwavering commitment to finding the right financing solution for each unique scenario. In situations where traditional lending channels may fall short, we leverage our company's balance sheet to structure tailored financing packages that meet your specific needs.

Our streamlined partner referral program, one of the most straightforward in the industry, grants you immediate access to our extensive loan offerings and opportunities for attractive compensation. We deeply value long-term partnerships and are committed to delivering exceptional service, ensuring a rewarding and lasting collaboration that drives success for all parties involved. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing personalized attention, prompt responses, and seamless execution throughout the entire lending process.

Business Professionals Referral Program


Our comprehensive referral program is tailored for real estate professionals, financial advisors, certified public accountants, and legal experts. If you have clients seeking financing for investment properties, rental properties, apartment complexes, or commercial real estate, our experienced team can provide tailored solutions. Our expertise spans a wide range of asset classes, including warehouses, medical offices, day care centers, mixed-use buildings, construction projects, and investment properties from single-family homes to multifamily apartment buildings.

The process is simple: provide us with general information about your client's financing needs, and we'll take it from there, leveraging our extensive lending capabilities to structure the ideal solution. By partnering with us through this program, you'll have the opportunity to earn substantial referral fees for bringing us qualified leads. Our streamlined process ensures a seamless experience for you and your clients, backed by our commitment to exceptional service and long-term relationship building


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Brokers Partner Program


Our broker partner program offers an effortless way for mortgage brokers, loan originators, and industry professionals to generate passive income by referring clients to us. We provide competitive commission rates and referral fees for every qualified deal we fund through this program. With our direct capital offerings, we have the lowest lender fees in the industry, allowing you to collect your client services fee (points). Our policy is to work collaboratively with you and ensure your fee is broker protected.

Partner Benefits:

• Streamlined onboarding process – become a partner in minutes by completing a simple broker contact form.  
• Unlock a lucrative income stream in the thriving commercial loan market.
• Gain access to the full resources and expertise of a nation-leading mortgage firm.
• Expand your product offerings with unique financing solutions for your clients.
• Our team handles all borrower interactions, underwriting, and loan closing processes.  
• Benefit from our efficient underwriting and funding processes, ensuring more closed loans with minimal effort and time commitment from you.

By partnering with us, you can provide added value to your clients while earning substantial referral income, leveraging our comprehensive lending capabilities, low lender fees, and unwavering commitment to exceptional service and broker-friendly policies.

Benefits for the Referred Clients


Partnering with us ensures your clients will benefit from unparalleled customer service, highly competitive rates, and trusted expertise for all their real estate investment needs. With a longstanding history in commercial lending, Essencap boasts a comprehensive suite of lending programs and direct capital access. Our wide-ranging coverage spans diverse asset classes, property types, and financing requirements.

What sets us apart is our commitment to building lasting relationships based on trust, transparency, and a deep understanding of our clients' unique goals. Our team of seasoned professionals works tirelessly to structure tailored financing solutions that maximize value and facilitate successful real estate investments. By leveraging our extensive lending capabilities and industry knowledge, we empower your clients to capitalize on opportunities with confidence and ease.


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Essencap does not provide legal, accounting regulations advise. All referral fees, related compensation and participation in the Referral Partner Program are subject to all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations.

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