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Working Capital Loan

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Online loan application & Explain

SBA Express Loan is an excellent options to obtain up to $150,000 loan amount at a low rate. Typically take about 4 to 6 weeks to close. The term term can be a 10 year term with floating interest rate at Wall Street Prime + 2.75% to 3.75%

The loan can be use for

  • Working Capital

  • Equipment purchases

  • Vehicle purchases

  • Debt Refinance majority of refinance requests will be MCA or high interest term debt

  • Commercial Real Estate purchases or refinances

  • Business Expansion (acquisition of a book of business, assignment of lease, etc)

Minimum documentation required to obtain a Conditional Approval

*** To start fill out our application online. Online application

Documentation Requirements:

  • Two full years of most recent business and personal tax returns

  • Current Interim Profit & Loss statement and Balance Sheet

  • Business Debt Schedule

  • Personal Financial Statement

  • Bank Statements (three most current months)

  • Purchase, please provide contract, vehicle and/or equipment purchase quote(s)

  • Refinanced, please provide notes for debt

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