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Business Owner Loan

Thank you for the opportunity
Small Business Loan

Businesses needs funding for many different purposes: purchasing fixed assets (equipment, machinery and commercial real estate);  refinancing existing debt; buying another business (we can offer business only loan); bolstering working capital.

Industry covers:

  • Assisted living Facilities

  • Motel, Hotels, and Bed and Breakfast 

  • Restaurant 

  • Nightclub and Bar 

  • Retail stores

  • Business Services and Office-based Companies

  • Auto repair shops

  • Auto and RV dealership

  • Car wash facilities

  • Childcare and Preschool

  • Self-storage facilities

  • Gas station or convenience store 

  • Importer and wholesaler

Loan request instruction

1) To further understand your situation, can you provide the following information. 

  • 3-year personal tax return.

  • 3-year business tax return.

  • Year to date financial statement, balance sheet, income statement, AR, AP and inventory report.

2) Personal financial statement (1003 or SBA 413 form) (per attached)

3) Debt Schedule (per attached),

  • Please provide the most recent debt statement.


4) Three months bank (computer screen shoot is not acceptable)

5) If this is real estate acquisition, business target location, address, the purchase price.

  • Is the business use more than 50% of the space?

  • Is the business operating in the location already? Please provide copy of the lease.

  • If there are other tenants, please provide lease and rental income.

  • Please provide real estate tax and insurance.

6) If this is a working capital or inventory funding request, please explain how the loan will help you.

7) A one-page summary of your business.

8) Loan request, ideally what is the amount of financing would you like to obtain.

9) Please provide your credit condition, if you know of any judgment, late payment..etc.

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